Supper's On! Prepares and delivers meals focused on the Ketogenic Program.  Starting at $20.00 a day you get breakfast, lunch and dinner delivered to your doorstep.  Our ingredients are sustainability grown & locally sourced.  We deliver to businesses and individual homes located in Contra Costa, Napa, Solano, and Sonoma County.

Supper’s On! has been delivering individual meals based on dietary requirements to busy families for four years. 

Most recently Michelle’s 11 year old son suffered a traumatic brain injury and it was recommend to put him on a high fat diet to help heal his brain.  By doing so Michelle found the ketogenic diet was what worked best for him.  He greatly improved in only two months time.  Michelle was also eating the same food and was amazed that she lost 20 lbs in just a few months.  They both felt amazing.

She added the keto menu as another business line to Supper’s On and now that is mostly all she offers.  It’s been a year since her son got hurt and he is doing much better. She has lost 50 lbs and now is just maintaining on the program.

Supper’s On wanted this program to be affordable and easy for everyone. Starting at $20.00 a day a female can get Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, Men start at $27.00 a day.  This program takes the work out of the equation by doing all the measuring and keeping the food seasonal and different.  We do this because we find It’s hard to follow a program when you get bored with your food.  We have some favorite menu items that we rotate.  Chicken and Waffles, Enchiladas, Miso Salmon, Donuts, Sous Vide Eggs, Beef Rollups just to name a few. 

We provide an individualized service to each client on this program checking in with them, modifying the program as they see needed, making sure to follow their dietary requirements.  

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Incredible quality and variety! Phenomenal food with so many different options. I have been doing the Keto meals with Michelle for three weeks. I love eggs and that is what I have primarily gotten for breakfast and a salad with protein for lunch. Dinners are outstanding; chicken and waffles, fish sticks, steak, burgers, Thai chicken curry, lasagna, the list goes on. I would highly recommend Suppers On. The value and quality is unsurpassed!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Great food and advise Love that she wants to help me to reach my goal and gives great advise on how to do that!"
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"Love love the food. It’s tasty and delicious. All of the sauces are divine so yummy πŸ˜‹"
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