Pick a student to host for the 2020/2021 school year

I love working with exchange students and I am always looking for host families so I can bring these kids to America.  Please reach out if you have any questions or you are interested in hosting!


Pauline, 17 from France has a great English score and 5 years of learning German. She loves books and music, spending time with friends, playing board games, and cooking. Pauline would like to continue swimming and also try new things while in California!


Charlotte, 15 from Germany enjoys tennis, spending time with friends, and school. Her goal for her school year in California is to, “collect memories and experiences in another culture”. Charlotte is on the chess team and enjoys traveling.

Mali, 16 from Germany loves to ski, do gymnastics and play tennis. Mali likes to cook and bake and does bike tours with her family for fun. Mali likes to babysit and says she is talkative but a good listener. Coming to America has been a dream of Mali’s since she was a child.

Juliette, 17 from Belgium loves animals, especially dogs. She comes from a long line of Belgian bakers and has worked in her family bakery. Juliette likes sports such as running and adores her 2 year old sister who she helps care for. Juliette describes herself as “empathetic - I do not like injustices and I am very sensitive”

Faustine, 18 from Belgium loves sports and fitness, films and video, and describes herself as “optimistic, organized, generous, and always in a good mood”. Faustine would like to learn more Spanish and has worked as a swim instructor for children.

Andrea, 16 year old boy from Italy who loves hitting the gym, playing the guitar and spending time with friends. Andrea loves studying, practicing and listening to music. He loves to be active and describes himself as active and humble.

Antonio, 16 from Italy is coming to California for Fall semester only. He loves sports such as track & field, and basketball. Antonio plays the piano and likes to discuss sports, politics, and economics at dinner with his family.

Paolo, 16 from Italy loves comics, computers, and spending time with friends. His future goals are “to have a beautiful family and find a job I like” and he describes himself as “a little sarcastic but I remain a good boy”. Paolo makes breakfast on Sunday mornings with his brother.