Beef Burgundy with Pearl Couscous and Mixed Green Salad

$ 20.00

Beautiful chuck roast from Terra Firma Farms.  The beef is cut into large 1 inch chunks and I follow the lessons learned by Americas Test Kitchen for making my Beef Burgundy.  I use my own Beef stock, a good full bottle of Pinot Noir and my Mushrooms come from a Mushrooms All Year.  

A review posted on facebook - 
5 star Prior to having kids I imagined being an at home mom would mean home cooked dinners in a clean house - because "seriously how hard is that?" Fast forward to's impossible! lol. When I try to make a nice dinner it's frustrating and disappointing so I ordered dinner for Valentine's Day and my family and I loved it. It was delicious, healthy and easy for me! We were able to enjoy each other instead of being frazzled. Thank you so much! Can't wait to order again!