Middle Eastern Dinner - Family Style! – Supper's On!

Middle Eastern Dinner - Family Style!

$ 55.00

When I lived in San Francisco for almost 20 years I had my favorite food places One of my old stopping grounds you ate with your hands, sat on pillows and watched the belly dancers.  You were never rushed.  It was a time to relax and enjoy some good food and the company you were and if in the mood; some apricot tobacco from a hookah.  I can't really help with the Belly Dancers or the hookah but I can offer up some good food that you could have some fun with.  Toss some pillows on the floor, serve family style and eat with your hands. Just remember each item tastes different on it's own and when you mix them new flavors come out oh and leftovers are awesome!

The meal:  Fresh soft Pita bread, Lamb Kebabs, Baba Ghanoush, Tabbouleh, Cucumber Rita, Roasted Veggies (select what you want dair free omit Cucumber Rita, Vegan - omit Kebabs and Cucumber Rita)

Oh and if you send me a high res picture of your setup I will give you a $10.00 off coupon for your next order! 

Etiquette - In some areas of the Middle East, especially in the Persian Gulf countries, it is common for people to take their food from a communal plate in the center of the table. Rather than employing forks or spoons, people traditionally dine without utensils; they scoop up food with their thumb and two fingers or pita bread. In and around the Arab world, the left hand is considered unclean. Even left-handed people eat only with the right hand. A common exception is that the left hand can hold a drinking glass when eating greasy food with the right.  It is proper etiquette to compliment the host on the food and his hospitality. Similarly, it is important to try every plate on the table. If a guest does not leave food on his plate, the host generally fills it immediately. The Middle East places emphasis on enjoying meals with family and friends.

Image borrowed from Wiki