Salmon Burgers – Supper's On!

Salmon Burgers

$ 17.00

Salmon Burgers with a Dill sauce and a side salad

Only line caught fresh salmon for our Salmon Burgers - you get a mouthful of that yummy goodness.  These burgers are huge!  But Wesley will eat a whole one just because he loves it. But most kids can do just fine with a kid version of this.  To keep the salmon patties moist and flavorful I add mustard, shallots, capers, dill and breadcrumbs (or cauliflower if gluten free) into the ground salmon. To enhance the flavors in the patty, a good sauce is essential. We use Fresh dill, basil, shallots, lemon, mustard and cayenne pepper to some fresh yogurt (I don't use mayo) sauce on the side.

The bun is also just as important, You have the choice of a toasted Wheat or Gluten free bun, finished with toasted sesame seeds.  Just delicious!  

Everything is on the side even the bun so nothing gets soggy!

As always Fish is delivered on Wed or Thurs each week!