High School Exchange Program

I am very passionate about a program I'm involved with and wanted to share it with all of you.

I host high school exchange students and I also find host families to join me in this program. 

You can be a host family even if you don't have kids, if you are single or married with 10 kids!  You can be vegetarian, vegan, or a meat lover.  There is a student looking to have the experience of a lifetime and a dream that comes true because you choose them to live with you.

I feel I am making a difference in these kids’ lives and believe I am shaping them to do great things in our world. We get together each Wed, play games, do knowledge transfer where they teach us about their country and then we eat the food from that county, they do community activities for example:  we made get well cards for a 5 year old in Utah a little girl who has a brain tumor. Each card is as unique and different as the exchange student is. It’s amazing to see the talents of these kids. It’s incredible the impact they have on my son. He was having a hard time with kids his age and now he is surrounded by teenagers that love him and enjoy spending time with him. I have seen his confidence grow because of this experience.  Hands down, CHI changed my life and my sons life for the better.  We now have extended family in France, Spain, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Belgium, and Slovakia.  These kids reach out to Wesley all of the time, they check in see how he is doing always wanting to know when he is going to visit them!

This program ties nicely to Supper's On as I take the flavors of these countries and make them keto friendly and then offer the food to my clients.  It keeps the menu fun and interesting.

If you would like to host please reach out to me michelle@supperson.com this is a volunteer program and you need to have a spare bed (can be in a shared room) and provide 3 meals a day. The students cover all other expenses.

Join me in hosting an exchange student, Make the world a little smaller.  
415-305-0341 or michelle@supperson.com