About Us

Thank you for visiting Supper's On!  My name is Michelle and that is my son Wesley.  I prepare, and deliver food on the Ketogenic program.  The ingredients are sustainability grown, locally sourced and seasonal for anyone looking to increase brain clarity and energy.  We service Solano, Sonoma, Contra Costa, and Napa Counties.

My background is in project management I did this for almost 20 years.  I'm also a serial entrepreneur and I have started several companies over the course of my career.  However, I never felt in any of my roles that I was helping people or contributing in a socially responsible way.  

When I was laid off at my last company I took a hard look at my finances and the only place I could see cutting back on was on my food budget.  Sadly I discovered I was very wasteful.  I had a CSA box delivered weekly, I shopped at the grocery store and I ate out ALL of the time.  When you add those items up they are very expensive and very wasteful.  Needless to say my garbage can was overflowing on a weekly basis. 

I also had an young child that was allergic to peanuts.  I started reading labels. I was amazed at how much stuff was processed in a plant with peanuts.  I started making my own noodles, granola, crackers, cheese, yogurt, & bread. 

I started asking those hard questions - where is my food coming from, what kind of pesticides are in this food and am I ok not knowing how animals were treated before they were slaughtered?  I'm thankful for the books from Michael Pollan and the Ted Talks on food, they really opened my eyes.  I started taking control.  I got chickens, started a garden & a compost pile, I learned about beekeeping and got some bees.  I got to know the farmers at my CSA's.  I started only eating veggies in season. I found I was looking forward to veggies as they came into season.  Brought back memories of my childhood.  Picking veggies off the plants as I was playing outside with my siblings.  

It was like magic!  All of the sudden, we were saving money, we were not doing without.  We didn't have any waste and I was able to order the smallest trash can offered and it wasn't even full each week!  Only my close friends knew what I was doing and kept telling me make a business out of it.  I would laugh and shake my head 'no.' 

I started posting pictures of the food I was making on Facebook and started working on a book:  Go Organic not Broke (still a work in progress!) friends were asking when was it going to be published?  But mostly I heard, I want you to cook for me.   I found out that I loved cooking for others that I enjoyed the idea of helping others discover new veggies to eat and new ways of eating food.  I get a smile every time a client sends a picture of the food their family is eating at the dinner table.  For the first time in my career I feel like I'm making a difference. 

This may all sound great but how did I go from delivering organic food to delivering the organic Ketogenic program?  Jump forward four years, my son suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) on Oct 15, 2017, super stressful.  His nutritionist suggested a high fat diet, as fat helps heal the brain.  I was eating the same food and dropped 20 lbs in a few weeks.  Everyone wanted to know what I was doing.  After learning about the Ketogenic program, and the success I had on it both my Son and myself; I started a new business line for my clients.  The Ketogenic program is what everyone wants and I would say 80% of my business now is just the Keto Program. Please read the reviews on the program and on my services. So you can see if it's a good fit for you.  

I also sell a night out as well as do catering. I look forward to cooking for you soon!