How does this work?

You order your meals, pay for them via pay pal or credit card, we deliver the food to you in glass containers and an insulated bag.  You enjoy your food.  When you are done, you clean the dishes (a dishwasher is fine please place lids on top rack) send a text to 415-305-0341 with your name and pickup, place containers outside on your doorstep we swing by and pick up the dishes.  If you have an order the following week we would pick up when we dropped off the food.


Question: Where are we currently delivering food?  
Answer: Benicia, Concord, Martinez, Pleasant Hill and some of Walnut Creek.  Send an email to michelle@supperson.com if you would like to be added to the wait list.  We will be adding other areas as we grow. 

Only deliver food in glass Containers

Question: What to we do with the dishes and bag after eating the food?  

Answer: Please run dishes through the dishwasher, best to place lids on the top rack.  Once clean and dry place back in the bag.  Most of the dishes fit inside each other.  Text 415-305-0341 with the words 'ready for pick up' or we can pick up the following week when you order more food.  
When we get your bag and dishes back we run them though a 2nd wash and also sanitize the dishes.

We are moving away from glass containers, it's just too hard to get back and pick them up if you are not a weekly customer.  For our weekly customers we can keep them glass not a problem!