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Troop 7008

BSA scouts will use to record the progress of their project:  


Dr. Bernard Harris Supernova Award

Roles and responsibilities, Each team member will work on all activities however we will have a leader tied to each one.

               1. Project Leader

                              Communication with the mentors

                                             *Scheduling launch times

                                             *Scheduling time with merit badge counselors

                              Communication with team

                              Schedule test launches

               2. Engineering Workbook Leader

Getting all plans, design, build progress uploaded into the workbook, log each days entry, what merit badges applied

               3. Outreach plan Leader

                              Starting to build awareness on the project they are working on

                              Starting a blog on their progress

                              Taking pictures keeping a record on the day to day operations

              4. Builder for the Egg Payload System Leader

                              Work on designs, break lots of eggs! Build parachute

               5. Builder for the Body of the Rocket Leader

Work on simulation software, print out design plans pass to engineering workbook,

6. Testing Leader