Gluten Free and Keto Friendly High Tea

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Partner High Tea

Date: Saturday, 5/20/23
Setup: 11:30 am
Time: 1:00 pm
Contact: Penelope Smith
Phone: 408-616-0147
Address: 641 Windsor Drive
Staff: Wesley & Bee
Branding: image found below

The Menu

The Whimsical HoneyBoard framing the end of the table

Assorted Cheeses
aged 24 months,

Blue Cheese
from Denmark,

Three-Trick Pony
Goat is an asiago-style cheese made.

Boho Belle
Cow aged three to six weeks 

Bo Peep
Sheep. When young, this cheese is elegant, mild, and  moist, perfect as an accompaniment for fruit. When aged 60 days or more, this cheese develops rich flavors

El Californio
Cow is a soft-ripened and wonderfully rich round rubbed with roasted California bay nut and ground espresso bean for an entirely  unique, North Coast experience. 

Flower Power Cow
Cultured overnight for tartness and flavor then formed into elegant small pyramids. The paste is layered  through and topped with locally-collected bee pollen. 

High Tea Menu

GF & Keto Currant Scone Bites - With Clotted cream & keto Lemon curd
GF low on the net Carbs Lemon & Lavender Mochi Muffins
GF Bread Pudding

Baked Sweet Potato bites
GF & Keto Mixed Avocado & Spinach salad with a herb dressing
GF & Keto Broccoli & cheddar Cheese Quiche


GF Mochi Waffle with fermented Purple Cabbage
GF & Keto ½ Avocado with Chicken, onions, herb dressing
GF & Keto bread with Herb Cream Cheese & Cucumber Sandwiches