Keto Kick Start
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Keto Kick Start

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Are you in a Keto Stall? Are you trying to drop those last 10 lbs and it's not working? Are you ready to start Keto but want a jump start before diving in? If you answered yes to any of the above....The Keto Jump start may be just what you are looking for!
For two weeks do the Keto Jump Start and watch your body get into Ketosis quickly! It starts at $30.00 a day, you will need to follow my plan 100%, no cheating :) You will fast on some days, drink chicken broth, energy broth, drink some detox broth and use MCT oil.
The program is customized just for you. What you need to do: Provide your height and weight. I will prepare food just for you.
After the Keto Jump Start move to the Keto program and continue on your journey to a healthier new you!.