Slumber Birthday Party for Sofia

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July 7th

Location: 278 Carlisle Way

Time: 4pm

Guest: 5 - Meilin, Meha, Kennedy, Jaylynn,& Sofia

Colors: Pink, cream and gold

Food: $100.00 
Staff: $350.00 Setup, Create, Tear down and Clean up, Storage  4 hours 2 staff
Activities: $986.00

Total $1436.00

Activities: Glamping Night - teepees, inflatable mattress, sheets, pillows,
cart, lights.
Picnic Style Dinner setup  - low picnic tables pillows, balloons, candles

Spa night - paraffin wax for hands and feet, a small table, chairs
to sit in, tubs to soak feet, scrunchie for hair, nail polish for hands and
Feet. Cucumbers for eyes and cucumber water to drink

Movie night  - snack bar with popcorn machine, chocolates,

Build your own pasta bar - Bowtie Pasta


Cheese, Tomatoes, Chicken, Red Sauce,  Olive oil

Mixed Green Salad

Or using candy bar from movies?


Sleeping Area

Teepee 5 @ $30.00


Blowup Mattress 5 @ $10.00


Sheets 5 @ $5.00


Pink toss Pillows  5 @ $2.00 (bring your own sleeping pillow)


Tray  5 @ $7.00


Blanket 5 @ $7.00


Fairy Lights 5 @ 10.00 


Battery candles on each tray


Glam Night Total


Picnic Dining Night

Picnic Table 2 @ $10.00


Blush runner 2 @ $2.00


Pink Potterybarn Plates $1.50


Pink Glassware $1.50


Flatware Fork, knife and spoon $.3.00


Glass candle holder with handle beads $1.00 each 5 for tables, 5 for teepees


Pillows @5 $2.00 each


Framed decor over picnic tables to give it some height, balloons, streamers, fabric, lights - it’s one of my specialties 


Picnic Dining Night


Spa Night Setup

Picnic style Spa Table


Wooden low chairs


Buckets for soaking feet 5*


Self serve (1) Paraffin wax machine with (5) gloves, booties and plastic liners


(7) Peel Face mask @2.50 each


Cucumber Water and sliced cucumbers for eyes


A basket of creams to use


Assorted colors of pink polish (White Glitter &, pink)*


Nail polish remover pads


Spa Night Total


Movie Night

Candy Cart Assorted Candies


Popcorn Maker, popcorn cups, popcorn, butter, salt


Movie night Total


Items for the gift bag
1. Pink feathered slippers $25.00 each - robes would be cute too!  But I would need to do some digging to find something cute and reasonably priced. Link to the pink slippers.

  1. Face mask peel, (already priced out above)
  2. Pink Hair crunchie, (already priced out above)
  3. Pink Sleep Mask (already priced out above)

It would be fun to add a photographer - to get some action shots of the girls.  Do you need me to find a photographer for an hour or two?  Or are you going to take some pics?

Payment due asap via venmo @michelle-heberling, zelle 415-305-0341 or I can send you an invoice to pay via credit card.

Many thanks, Michelle