Supper's On is now online! August 12, 2015 06:19

Hi Wonderful Clients!

Thank you for being patient with me on the start up of this business!  I have learned a lot in the last nine months.  Your feedback has been heard!  As you will have noticed now that we are online I'm billing a small delivery fee for the food that gets delivered.  Also the sales tax is broken out, this will be much easier to manage.  I hope this will help keep the food cost down.

I'm excited about going online and hope it will give you a window into where your food is coming from.  Presentation should be better who doesn't like pics and it should be a whole lot easier to order and track now.   

Please keep sending pictures ($5.00 off your food if I use it), and also keep sending that feedback!


Many thanks!

Suppers On Team