Organic Brown Rice...Only what Supper's On uses!

Supper's On will always use brown rice over white white in it's meals.  If you want white rice you have to select it as an option.  By default it's brown rice.  However it's not just brown it's Massa Organics!  An amazing company that started because they were tired of the poisons sprayed on our food.  

They started by converting a small part of their land to organic rice production, adding a little more each year.  They built a straw bale house in 2002 out of the rice straw from the adjacent fields, and children quickly filled it.  they added the almond orchard in 2004, and proceeded to learn how to grow rice and almonds without the aid of chemicals. 

They started selling at farmers Markets!  Go Massa!  

That was so successful the purchased a small flock of Dorper sheep to graze the weeds in the almond orchard.  Those integrated systems have led to much less “conventional” agriculture than just going organic ever did.For many years they were hoping to incorporate animals into their farming system, they experimented with ducks in the rice fields.  That was marginally successful, but when they got the opportunity to partner in a hog raising operation, they jumped at it.  They learned how to incorporate them into their cultivated and “natural” areas on their property.  

Supper's on purchases the almonds, sausage and rice from these guys.  I love that when I call I always get someone that I can talk too, no voice mail no routing the phone to another country.  Just the good hard working folks at the farm.  If I run across an issue however small it might be they will take care of it and follow up to make sure all is good.  That is what it's like working with local farmers.  I love my job!

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