Turmeric - Why drink it? Why eat it?

Some good information on Turmeric. Did you know Benicia, CA is a good place to grow Turmeric? The plant is really pretty and can grow almost 5 feet high. It takes 2 years before you can harvest.

The image below is a very health plant. 

The health benefits of Turmeric:  

It's a perfect herbal remedy to manage inflammatory issues like arthritis, fibromyalgia and bronchitis along with other chest and skin infections. Moreover, it is also used to manage mild gut conditions like gas trouble, diarrhea, bloating of stomach, disorders of liver and intestines and water retention by kidneys.  but as with everything it needs to be taken in moderation.  There are side effects for some:


To use as a tea go here:  http://www.drweilblog.com/home/2014/2/6/how-to-make-turmeric-tea.html




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