How to get kids to eat Veggies

Are you having a hard time getting your kids to eat veggies?  

I have some steps that might help you.

1. Incorporate Veggies into their Favorite Food 

  Although some kids may not like the idea of messing with their favorite dish, many will be willing     to experiment. If your kids love hamburgers, try adding a piece of lettuce or tomato and see how they’ll take it. You can also try sneaking some finely chopped broccoli flower and spinach into lasagna. With the broccoli mixed in with the ground beef and the spinach layered in with the cheese, they will enjoy the same textures they have come to love in lasagna.

2. Take them out to a Healthy Restaurant
Tell them they are getting big and order off the grownup menu instead of the kids menu. I never like the choices offered on the kids menu.

3. Use Your Imagination
Make it fun - cut veggies into heart shapes (use cookie cutters - spirl them just make it fun).  Talk about how pretty it looks to have lots of color on your plate.

4.  Let them Help You Prepare Their Meals 
Many kids will be willing to taste something they have made by themselves. Take your children shopping for vegetables and have them help you prepare their food. Let them wash, peel, and flavor their veggies.  It's ok if the counter gets dirty let them have some fun.

5. Give Kids Time to Be Familiar With Their Veggies

Introduce one kind of vegetable at a time. Avoid giving them a plate filled with unfamiliar things. If you were able to get your children to eat carrots today, let them enjoy carrots for a week before adding another type of vegetable into their meal.

 6. Let Them Try Vegetable Juice 
 Sometimes kids already have a preconceived apprehension to veggies because they think      anything that’s healthy and good for you cannot be delicious. Introduce them to fruit and vegetable juices and they’ll see veggies as a treat! Organic vegetables yield naturally sweet juices. You’ll be surprised to find your kid drinking up broccoli, spinach and carrots.  the best juice  to try - Carrot, Apple & Ginger - it's sweet, a pretty orange color and full of yummy goodness!  Testimonial on Supper's On! Juices:  Amy E.       5 stars / Love, love, love the juices!!! Not too sweet, just perfect!


7. Be a Good Example 

Kids learn by example. You can’t expect them to eat vegetables when they don’t see you doing it. Make sure to eat veggies and let your children know how much fun you’re having and how good they taste.

Helping children who are picky eaters should be a family effort. It doesn't just rest on the shoulders of the parents. If you have older kids, encourage them to help their brothers and sisters, too. When children are comfortable and having fun, they won’t feel as if they’re being forced to do something they don’t want to do.

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