What to do with all of of your Pomegranates!


So you have a lot of pomegranates?  Use my tips to enjoy the pomegranates throughout the season and into winter.  

1. Get two bowls (place some water in one) your knife, and a cutting board.  Get your favorite TV show on.  You will be here for about an hour!

2. Score and cut of the top and bottom of each pomegranate.  Start peeling the skins of the pomegranates. Next work to remove the membrane in the water so the seeds fall into the bowl.  Using water keeps your hands from getting stained red!

3. After the pomegranates are clean from the membranes.  Strain half the seeds and place on a cookie sheet to dry.  I line the cookie sheet with towels. Once the pomegranates are dry; place in baggies and freeze.  You will have seeds to top salads, meats, fish  or just eat at a moments notice!

4. Take the other half of pomegranate seeds and juice them.  It's the quickest way to get the juice from the seed.  Pour the juice into silicon muffin or bread pans.  I use silicon because it's easy to work with. Place some saran wrap over them and stick them in the freezer.  Leave for about 2 hours.  Pop them out of the silicon mat and place in a baggies.  Label the baggy and now you have small portions of pomegranate juice to do with whatever you want!  

5. I pull out a block and place it in a mason jar to thaw.

I make salad dressings, balsamic & pomegranate reduction sauces.  I add it to juice drinks, cereal, desserts the ideas are endless.  The cleaning is already done and get you to enjoy the taste and healthy benefits of fresh pomegranates! 

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