Sweet Potatoes and Yams are the same thing...What?

The beautiful sweet potato is not a potato not even in the same family (Solanaceae) as the potato.  It's from the Convolvulaceae family also known as a the morning glory!  Pretty crazy.  In the US we call the darker color a yam.  But it's not really a yam it's a sweet potato.  

There are over four hundred sweet potatoes varieties that are not genetically modified but heirlooms.  

The flesh comes in a large range of colors purple, white, yellow, red, and orange. They can be different sizes and shapes and even have very different flavors.  

They can be grouped into two categories for texture.  firm, dry, mealy or soft and moist.  Both have a starchy and sweet taste.  

Mix them up have some fun with the family this Thanksgiving and blow their mind!

Sweet Potatoes are GOOD for you!  They are high in fiber; high in antioxidants; low on the glycemic index and an excellent source of potassium. Go ahead and eat those sweet potatoes!  I'm making a Sweet Potato & Cauliflower Puree with a Kick on the side - It will be so good and so good for you! You can still order some for this week!







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