What is clean eating anyway?

Clean eating is eating food in their whole sate.  The food is vegetables, meat and fish.

Does your orange juice come in a bottle?  


Are your chicken nuggets frozen?  Those would be considered processed even if they said 'organic' or 'natural' that is not clean eating.

Power Bowl

How do you do you do this? Take baby steps:  Start off eating 50% whole food and 50% processed.  Just  try and make your processed foods good choices:  Frozen veggies, butter, and grass-fed ground beef are all processed but good for you. If you are already there - then change it to 70% whole food and 30% processed.  

 Work your way to 90% whole foods and 10% processed.  

  Skip your sodas and juices.  It's just a lot of sugar and preservatives and zero

veggiesamounts of fiber.  If you can't live without your soda, purchase a soda machine and make your own.  Want juice?  Purchase a juicer and juice your own.  hat way you know what is going into your bodies and you have control over it. 

I know if I stop for fast food I start feeling really sick, slow and sluggish within minutes. It takes several days to feel better.  Supper's On food is close to 95% clean eating.  We make all our own dressing, sauces, our meat is processed as is our Olive oil is processed but from a farms we know and trust.  

It's time to take control back on our food supply and your bodies.  I promise you will feel like a new person!  You will find that love for food again.  Where your every day meals are just as good and your going out to dinner meals.  Let Supper's On help you make that transition.  By eating my foods you will see how wonderful it can be to eat whole foods and how flavors will just jump off the pate!

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