Broths that promote Energy, Health, Detox and Recovery!

detox energy healing health Recovery Superfood Broth

Introducing four new broths that promote Energy, Health, Detox and Recovery.  Order yours today and let's drink to feeling incredible!


Energy Broth - promotes energy from nourishment rather than simulation. Your energy will be a long and steady without that awful crash feeling. This broth is great for supplying  electrolytes, b vitamins, photochemicals for adrenal support (helping with stress management), cordyceps and cayenne pepper which will help in boosting circulation. One or two cups a day.


Detox Broth - Perfect way to help your body release toxins that accrue in the body via everyday living. It's a gentle diuretic using brown seaweed which is great for detoxification. One or two cups a day.


Beauty Broth - Fueled with anti-aging antioxidants, anti-bacterial properties and youth protective ALA and zinc it's a soup filled with amazing beauty powers and it taste really good!


Healing Broth - Perfect Broth when you are sick but good on a regular based because of all the other benefits it has. It's loaded with anti-inflammatory nutrients and antioxidants. Excellent tool to use for all types of stresses, diseases, and injuries.  Use this anytime you need some TLC.



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  • Luci on

    Do you have new menu ? Would like to try your Keto program. Don’t eat seafood & Peas…. thank you

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