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Authentic Paella

Paella Serving 6 Click on this link for special Ingredients found on Amazon-   Ingredients 2 tbls olive oil7 oz chorizo6 oz squid 1 onion 3 garlic cloves 1 red bell pepper 1 1/2 cup of bomba rice 2 ripe tomatoes or 1 can crushed 10 oz chicken thighs 3 1/2 cups hot broth 1 tsp saffron threads 1 cup of frozen peas 14 large ptawns 12 large mussels For Serving: Fresh parsley 2 lemons cut into wedges Directions1. Chorizo - heat 1 tbls oil in paella pan and brown2. Squid cook 45 second each side remove 3. Garlic, onion, peppers 2 min push to the side of the pan4. Brown ck push to the side of the pan5. Brown rice until coated w oil 6....

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