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Backyard Honey

Backyard Honey Eating healthly

Backyard Honey.   This is a great picture of Wes and I harvesting honey.  As you can see we do it the old fashion way.  A bucket, A rubber Band and Cheese Cloth.  I'm holding a frame of honey (it was really heavy and I had a hard time holding it and trying to take the pic ha!!) the frame is what I pulled out of the Super.  I scrape off all of the honey place the frame back into the super and let the bee clean it up and use it again.  They do a much better job than...

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This is a great Webinar on eating to live to be 100!

CSA Eatbay CSA Eating healthly

Great info on eating healthy.  Click on the link to learn about eating the right way!   The link to this company:  

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